Mack 'n Roni's - A cool place for the most PAWticular pet!

Meet the Pack

                                                           The PAWticulars

Miss Mack, CTO (Chief Toy Officer) – Aka “Boo" & "Doodle".  Our beautiful girl is the "Mack" in Mack 'n Roni's.  She is a Boxer/Lab mix– a “boxer brief” if you will – and came to us when she was 6 months old.  She is now 5 years and still as rambunctious as ever. Mack earned her name when our daughter, at 1 year old, saw her for the first time and simply said “That’s Mack.” While Miss Mack is our sweet girl that loves to have her paws held, she is as rough and tumble as they come. She’s always game to go for a swim, come along on a run, a bike ride, or partake in some general roughhousing.

Roni, CBO (Chief Bone Officer) – – Aka “Boy-Boy”, "Mister Man" & “Roni Boni”.  Our special  Roni was a rescue and came to us at 1year old. Roni is now 3 and has adjusted quite well to the good life. Roni is 100% Boxer and although he sinks like a stone when he tries to swim, he jumps like he’s on springs. One of his most unmistakable features is his tongue, which is an animal in and of itself, and if you’re anywhere within range, your gonna get a doggie tongue bath. Roni is all heart, cuddles in your lap like he's 6 lbs and loves to play dress up!

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